NitroRCX Review

NitroRCX Review

When it comes to radio-control car kits shop, there are still only a few online stores that can fully satisfy R/C enthusiasts. is one such shop that features and carries fully assembled radio-control car kits and accessories.

To begin with, NitroRCX has a gargantuan inventory of high graded R/C vehicles. Passionate hobbyists will find ultimate delight in the wide array of monster trucks, 1/8th buggies, 1/10th scale stadium trucks, WRC rally cars, sedan, and race oriented touring cars that NitroRCX has to offer. Interestingly, NitroRCX began as a startup garage business which eventually turned into a direct online selling outfit in 2005. Since then, this online shop has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted and popular sources of R/C hobby graded toys. In fact, NitroRCX now has its own line of branded R/C vehicles called Exceed RC. These toys have already gained immense popularity among the beginners who would like to get into the hobby.

If you are looking for an online shop that would cater to your needs as an R/C toy hobbyist, we find NitroRCX as a strong contender. Its online shop provides an extensive inventory of toys, car kits, supplies, tools, accessories and practically everything that you will need to start and maintain this hobby. Their product lines range from motors, gears, wheels, tires, batteries, balancers to body kits. Clients can search for what they need by entering their preferred specifications by scale size, type and brand. Finding rock crawlers, drift, brushed or brushless cars is also easy with its helpful search tools. You can also browse their products per category.

Of course, one of the things that R/C fanatics always consider when choosing a store to buy from are the prices. NitroRCX prices are some of the lowest you will find in the market. They even guarantee a lowest price level every day. The site actually features some of the most inexpensive products that you will ever find in the industry.

The entire online site is helpful and can be easily accessed through any search engine. Customers will love the fact that NitroRCX offers live customer support and chat for any troubleshooting concerns.  You can also track your order status and get help for any general or specific inquiries via phone, fax and email exchange.

NitroRCX also has great shipping and payment features. They accept all major credit cards and can accommodate international orders. The site also provides complete information on their shipping and payment policies – something that is very important with regards to creating awareness on the part of the buyer before he decides to buy a product online. NitroRCX also assures fast order facilities and quick shipping.

Overall, we find this site perfect for any avid R/C racer. Aside from the cool website and excellent online tech support, NitroRCX is simply the best source for quality R/C racing products.

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